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Visitor centre

     Visitor centre of Sirvėta regional park is located in Šventa village, in an old reconstructed barn of Šventa manor. Here you can acquire information brochures about the regional park, get information about Walking and cycling trails, routes, tourism, recreation, ask for tour manager services.

    You can visit exposition the main theme of wich is Mythology. In a centre of it all – the tree of life. The exposition reveal nature and its values, demonstrates regional park with it's values of the natural and cultural heritage, landscape and the biological diversity.

     In display terminals you can find interesting information. On one that is located inside of the tree of life — information about the mythology, the old approach to the environment, the structure of the world, as well as about regional park, it's rare plants and animals. There are two games too — one about nature, and the other topics related to the mythology. On another terminal, which is associated with the map of Sirvėta regional park, you will find general information about protected area, objects of natural and cultural heritage, cognitive paths and routes. Also, the interesting facts about these locations...

     there are a lot of symbols on the walls and around the tree. Each of them has a unique meaning – each of them carries much more information than just a word. They are encoded in old graces to Žemyna (goddess of earth), Perkūnas (god of thunder) and Gabija (goddess of warm and fire). Inside the tree of life one can listen to old sagas, and let imagination carry through time... Sagas and legends are the fraction of old culture.



Šventos k., Švenčionių r. LT-18103

We are open:

Monday – thursday 8.00–17.00

Friday 8.00–15.45


Tel.: 8 387 47 524

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